Friday, December 4, 2009

Remember Me?

Well, i just noticed that it's been about 14 months since my last post. That's just too long!

Couple of things: Landslide Victories is no more. Since last year, I have been doing PR/Marketing/Public Involvement Communications for the firm my wife Shannon and her business partner Paula Arnold founded in 2003, and my days working in the political arena are about over. I'd welcome the opportunity to design mail or other materials, but general consulting and DEFINITELY political fundraising is a thing of the past. Actually, just too busy for it truth be known.

Also, with the addition of the littlest family member, 9 month-old Roger Marcel, to go with my adorable 5 year old who accompanied me to the Dianne Reeves concert tonight, the idea of hanging around a political headquarters at all hours is just not that appealing anymore.

Now, that's not to say that I'm not paying attention. To the contrary, it's nice to have a disinterested distance from the fray to watch stuff, and I have to say that the mayoral runoff sure got nasty quick.

I'm gonna make one point--experience tells me it is unlikely that the Harris Co. Tejano Dems and HBAD would have cracked on Annise for minority hiring if someone associated with the Locke campaign hadn't asked them to. And apparently, that person hadn't checked out Andrews Kurth's record that closely before doing it.

Having said that, Locke's campaign seems to be a lot more aggressive, and maybe even visible, in the runoff than the Parker campaign, and that may be trouble for her. This is gonna be close I think.

Also, glad to see that Mayor White is in the Governor's race. Like Kuff and others, I have really hoped for him to make that race for a couple of years now.