Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Krusee Makes it Official (He Couldn't Win)

Ah, I love those Austin-area state rep districts. Remember the redistricting that made a 100% Democratic Travis County delegation into a 3-3 split one? Well, its back to 6-0, courtesy of a few districts moving our way, and a-whole-lotta Republican stumbling.

And who could forget the Rose vs. Green matchup! Green barely beat Rhodes in '99, then went on to lose a close one a few years later in a district that, while Republican on paper, clearly wasn't hardcore territory. Add in Keel quitting to run for a bench, throw in a few R's getting beat in Dallas and Houston areas, and you're getting downright close to a Democratic takeover in the House.

I was paying fairly close attention to a handful of competitive state rep races around the state, and I don't recall anyone ever mentioning the Krusee race as close. I think most of us were pretty surprised to see how poorly he ran that year, and after that he had a big ol' bullseye on his back.

So I have a question about the current Republican strategy of a member quitting so they can call a special election to fill the seat with hopes of holding it: How's that working for ya?

1. Donna Howard: D pickup in special over "formidible" Ben Benztin by 16 points
2. Kirk England: won close special as Repub, D pickup after switching
3. Dan Barlett: Led field going into Dec 18 runoff, potential D pickup

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landslide said...

Update: Barrett Wins! See Dec. 19th post.