Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Typhoid Georgie

Wow, it's been a fairly rare occurance for anybody running for office on a pro-Bush platform to win a competitive race for something. In fact, going back a few years, it seems that the best way to lose your job is to campaign with the guy or openly support him (or even just fail to oppose him, which seems to have been a big part in Tony Blair's calling it quits.)

Are you listening Karl Rove? Your warning today to Republican candidates not to shun the President on the campaign trail this year might spread severe cases of Bushitis, which, if not properly treated, can cause political death. Weren't you paying attention in 2006, when Republicans lost control of Congress in the last Bushitis pandemic?

Y'all don't need an architect, you need an epidemiologist.

Typhoid Georgie's latest victim: Australia's 11-year Prime Minister John Howard, who's Center-Right Liberal Party lost control of Parliament to the Labor Party; Kevin Rudd was sworn in yesterday to the job. I think an argument could be made that Mexico's presidential choice was more anti-Chavez than pro-Typhoid.

Hell, if it weren't for Nicolas Sarkozy, Bush would pretty much be 0-fer in elections in the western world since 2004. Am I missing anybody?

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muse said...

I think the Rs have figured out there is no vaccine for Typhoid Georgie.

He's viral.

The cure will have to come from the Democrats who will give the Republicans some much needed bed rest come next November.