Monday, January 7, 2008

New Sheriff in Town

I have been encouraging my former client, Council Member Adrian Garcia, to run for Sheriff (or Pct 1 Constable upon Abercia's retirement) for years. With his experience in law enforcement, I think he would be an excellent sheriff for Harris County.

Now for the number one reason we need a change: remember this November 2005 headline from the Chronicle?

Killer Bluffs his Way Out of Jail

That's right. Conditions were such at Baker Street, operated by the Sheriff's Department, that a condemned murderer schmoozed his way out of jail by getting his hands on some khakis, a blue shirt, and a fake ID badge. Then he just walked out the front door to his freedom, claiming to be an investigator.

Wow. That is just inexcusable, and Thomas should lose his job over it. Luckily, Charles Thompson was captured three days later in Shreveport, apparently talking drunk on a pay phone, before he hurt someone else.

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