Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Runoff, Belated.

I started to write this post last week, then got sidetracked and never finished it. It has been WAY too busy for posting lately, but I'll try to keep up (hear that, muse?)

Congrats to our favorite DeSlayer, Richard Morrison, on his runoff victory for Ft. Bend County Commissioner. Flip side, he won't have Tom Stavinoha to kick around anymore since he lost his primary runoff. What is his problem with guys named Tom, anyway?

By the way, my mom lives in Greatwood; she went to vote in the runoff for Morrison, finally finding the place after some searching. She told me that a card-pusher for a certain candidate for Congress told her that he just KNEW the former Congresswoman could count on her support. Not in this lifetime, she replied. No matter, she wasn't voting in their runoff, anyway.

But now she won't get the chance to vote against her again, which brings me to my next point--we are finally rid of her. I hope she doesn't run for anything again. Did anyone honestly believe she got 42% of the vote as a write-in last time? I read that they were counting as votes obvious slams and variations on her name that were clearly meant as jokes.

Now if we could just end this presidential primary and get on with it.

On to November!

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muse said...

I hear ya!

I don't know much about Richard's opponent other than he is pro-toll roads which is a big OUCH in Precinct 2. I heard he served on a toll road authority. Checking into that.

I'm a little weepy over not having Shelley to kick around anymore.

Stavinoha? Good riddance!